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Sea View Restaurant

Where you can discover our flavours...

Our fabulous restaurant, with one of the most fascinating views of the Atlantic Ocean, is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Here you can savour offerings from our magnificent menu while admiring the sea and cliffs along the north coast. We use innovative cooking techniques, which allows our customers to taste the exquisite, unique flavours of local products, accompanied by high-quality regional and domestic wines.

Sea View Rooftop

Where you can venture into the discovery of international cuisine...

The Sea View Rooftop features a new concept in Mediterranean and Japanese cuisine, with an ever-present connection with the sea and land. This is a pioneer concept on the north coast of our beautiful Madeira Island. Here we also offer the opportunity for our client to taste the fish that he caught with us through the "Madeira Nature Experience".

Lapa Bay Restaurant

The new Lapa Bay Restaurant is a space that perfectly combines the flavour of our sea with what nature gives us the best, all of this is alienated to a warm and cozy atmosphere. Here, customers have at their disposal a varied menu, the most difficult being to choose just one option. We also have a wine cellar that offers a range of options to our customers, from our regional wines to the best and most renowned national wines.



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